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winter wedding ideas from Fairytale Bride

Winter wedding ideas

Five winter wedding ideas from Fairytale bride

September’s arrived and its inevitable – winter is approaching and here at Fairytale Bride we’re so excited and think two words – Winter wedding! It is after all, the most romantic time of the year. Filled with cosy days in – hot drinks – wrapping up warm and evenings out around log fires adorned with Christmas décor.

What a special time of year to have your wedding!

So get in the mood and be inspired by these FIVE maybe festive – winter wedding ideas.
Dark days need plenty of lighting so Fairytale bride’s top tip is

Light up your Venue!

Since the explosion of modern LED lighting, there is just no excuse…
Don’t just buy 2 strings of 20 LED Christmas lights – adorn the scene with multiple sets of 200 or 400 ice lights or go warm white but don’t mix the two types. But be careful of real flames – see no.2

Let’s face it, wherever you purchase your lighting from, these all come from China so consider eBaying them plenty of time in advance for your wedding.

They won’t last forever but they will last until you drive away later in the day!

Light up your Church!

Candles Candles Candles

The same idea applies here with candles, but with the Bride & her Bridesmaids sweeping past naked flames, you have to apply a modicum of care.

However, if you’re in Church on your big day, then this most natural form of lighting in what must be one of their safest environments, can truly look fantastic.

And if you must do candles out of church, use them in laterns – you can tell we care about Health & Safety!

Al Fresco Coffee

No matter what the weather, guests will inevitable collect outside your ceremony/venue and however well planned,

there is always some transition time to be had – or is that hanging about?

So offer your guests a hot tipple anywhere there is a pause in proceeding’s, before everyone changes to your next destination.

Everyone will be warmer and contented, whilst your photographer and yourselves are on a separate mission.

‘Cape’ out the cold

Although you should remain cool at all times and enjoy your day, don’t let the time of year chill you out, so consider a fur Jacket, Cape or Shrug for those outside moments. Fairytale Bride stock a selection of these. Check out our supplier Richard Designs.

Pick your perfect colour palette

Waking up to freshly fallen snow on your wedding day would be truly magical albeit unlikely.

What is present, is the chill in the air outside and this should go hand in hand with your wedding theme by incorporating

winter whites, blues, and silvers to create a ‘cold outside’ but most ‘warm-hearted inside’ surrounding.

Or go with a more Christmas holiday wedding theme using reds and greens mixing in natural wood tones for a traditional but most definitely, one of the most beautiful settings you could stage.


Themed Wedding

Alison Hollis

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