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Tips for the morning of your wedding

Saving, searching and planning for your big day, it is finally here.  One of the comments that our real brides say  is that the whole day goes by in a blur. We have put together some ideas and tips to do on the morning of your wedding to help you make the most of your very special day.

Tips for the morning of your wedding

On the morning of your wedding, it is easy to wake up with feelings of nervousness, excitement, lots of preparations and of course, clock watching.

Plan ahead

‘Darling’ by Nicola Anne

  1. Plan ahead.  It really helps!  Hang your dress up and put out your shoes, lingerie, garter and accessories the night before. (making sure you have removed all the labels!)   You can do this for all the bridesmaids’ dresses and accessories too.   Make sure you have a bag packed of the essentials (i.e. lipstick, mints, a bottle of water etc.) and leave this out ready to go too.

Get a good nights sleep


2.  Go to bed early the night before. With excitement and nerves running high it may take you a little bit longer to drift off,  so plan to go to bed a little bit earlier than normal.   Make sure you have fresh sheets on your bed, we all know that lovely feeling of climbing into bed smelling that lovely freshly laundered smell!  Pamper yourself!  After all it is a special time, and running a bath with lots of bubbles in a candle lit bathroom will definitely help. Once in bed listen to a calming playlist to help you into a peaceful slumber.  You will sleep better knowing you have laid everything out for the morning.

On the morning of your wedding

Have breakfast

3.  Although many brides say they feel too anxious or excited to eat in the morning, it really is important to have a hearty, healthy breakfast to get you through the day. Try to avoid greasy and stodgy foods as these can make you feel a little queasy and bloated if nerves are heightened.

Make time to get ready

4. The most common advice from real brides is, make sure you have enough time to get ready.  Wear something comfortable and easy to remove once you and your bridesmaids have all had your hair and make up done.   The trend is to wear matching robes – not only will you feel fabulous, you won’t be worried about having your picture taken in your usual scruffy pyjamas!


5.   Champagne is a must on your wedding morning!  Why not have a toast for the last day as a single lady!


Putting on the dress

Our real bride is wearing ‘Darling’ by Nicola Anne

6. Now the time has arrived! You can now put on your beautiful dress. ONLY put on the dress once your hair and make-up has been done. Have your photographer take plenty of photos of this moment with your Mum and bridesmaids. It will be lovely to look back on.


Finishing touches

7. The finishing touches.  Now team bride are ready,  take a few selfies.  Maybe some silly ones to help with the nerves.  This is the moment you have been waiting for.  Take a few deep breathes and away you go…….


‘Divine’ ( first photo – part of the new collection – arriving soon) and ‘Darling’ by Nicola Anne are available in store.  Please check out our website for more gorgeous dresses.


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