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Its all about the Back

Beautiful Back

Your moment has arrived, the doors swing open, the music is playing and your guests and your groom get their first glimpse of you as a bride.  You hear “ooh” and “ahh” as you slowly walk past.  You are holding the bouquet and you have a beautiful beaming smile on your face.  As you approach your Groom, you reveal the gorgeous, dramatic back of your gown, what a sight it is!

This beautiful back belongs to our Dress of the month.  This gown is truly breath taking.  Every bride that has tried it on is blown away by its beauty.

Windsor available at fairytalebride.co.uk

Windsor by Nicola Anne

Today we are talking about the back of a wedding dress. There are several styles, low open back, sheer illusion back, key hole back and more. The back of the wedding dress is another way to show your personality and style. Your back will be facing your guests, so give them something to look at.

Here are a few of our favourites backs.  All available at Fairytale Bride

Low back

Woburn by Nicola Anne


Warwick by Nicola Anne


Hatfield by Nicola Anne


Buckingham by Nicola Anne


Sheer illusion back

W231 by True Bride


W231 by True Bride

Key hole back

W225 by True Bride


W236 by True Bride

What ever style you choose, we are certain you will look and feel beautiful.  Make sure you book your appointment with us and you can try all the styles we have shared with you.

Book your appointment on line www.fairytalebride.co.uk

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Email us hello@fairytalebride.co.uk

Shop online

We now have an online shop. If you can’t get to experience our unrivalled personal service, then get a beautiful designer wedding dress made and sent to your door.

Click on this to make your online purchase www.fairytalebridal.co.uk

Themed Wedding

Alison Hollis

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